My journal and my life

First day back at work since before Christmas, so back into the routine of walking my black labrador in the pre-dawn dark before setting
off.  Half-way through the day, after I’d already had my lunch & my son called.  I do love to hear from him, even though it’s because he
usually needs something – even at 25 years old!

Now this is often a source of irritation to my husband & mum as they think he’s old enough to stand on his own two feet, especially now he’s married – surely he should be phoning his wife?  But for 25 years I’ve always been there to offer advice, listen to his rants, sooth his troubles etc & to be honest I’m honoured that he’s not too proud to ask for my help.  There’s been occasions when I could have saved him money & heartache, if only he asked first.  It’s a big learning curve being an adult & as his wife is only a year or two younger, she’s still finding out about the responsibilities of being a grown-up herself.  One time Ant even informed me that his dad had given him exactly the same advice as I’d offered – as we divorced when he was 5 years old, it’s only taken 20 years for us to agree on something!

Back to today’s photo

New LG PC Monitor

This isn’t my computer monitor, it was the reason for my son’s call.  Christmas present money burning a hole in his pocket, he’d found a sale bargain, but with two Argos stores in his home town, neither had his preferred choice in stock.  However, it just so happened that I was working 15 miles away in Chesterfield & the store there had just one remaining.  Now Ant did offer to drive across to purchase it himself, but as I was already in the town….

Of course I volunteered to pop out & collect it – wouldn’t you?  Then I also took it to him after work & had a lovely evening in their home
after watching his pleasure & excitement opening & setting it up.  Isn’t that what life is all about?  I get such a sense of satisfaction
helping others (which is why I enjoy working as a PA) & especially looking after my loved ones, even if it disrupts my plans sometimes.
Tonight I’m writing this in good company & having a laugh, rather than sat alone & I even had tea cooked for me – love you Ant 🙂

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