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Blog #10 Winter Frost

Look at the frost this morning 🙂

2013-01-10 09.22.07

This is the view from my office window, which as I work from home most of the time, means the view from my spare back bedroom.  That’s why I chose this room to use as my office, even though it’s the largest.  The smaller front bedroom looks over the street, has enough room for a double bed, wardrobe & few chests of drawers which is perfectly cosy for sleeping.  For too long, with growing teenagers in the house & an insomniac husband, we’ve been surrounded by computers, sewing machines, TV & associated paraphernalia – not at all feng-shui.  So when I moved here, it was luxury to have a bedroom purely as a bedroom & as I spend longer working in daylight, it’s fantastic to have an open view.

We’ve had such a wet summer & winter so far, waking up to so many dreary, damp days, this is great! Give me a crisp, bright frosty morning any day.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go for a long walk as I had far too much work to do, but far better that than too little & no income. It’s been a good day & I’m happy 🙂

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