My journal and my life

If I woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with my life, what would I do and who would I be?

The easiest part of the question above to answer is that I’d still be me!  Yes, I’ve made some blunders in my life and with hindsight, like most of us, I’d do a fair amount differently.  However, I try not to live with guilt or regret, I accept what happened and move forward, hopefully a better person from from what I’ve experienced and learned.

So who am I?  A business owner with an ambition to become 100% virtual and as a Virtual PA, I’m on my way.  Before I discovered The Suitcase Entrepreneur, I’d decided I wanted to travel the world, a decision which was prompted by a big change to my lifestyle.  I’d explored Virtual Assistance for a while as my husband wanted to live abroad and we would still need to earn a living.  Then my marriage broke down and my husband moved out two weeks after I was made redundant.  Left with a mortgage, I could have looked for another full-time job, but took the decision to sell up, split the proceeds and use the savings to become self-employed and start my business.

That was more than three years ago and I’ve grown so much, have improved in confidence and learned an incredible amount.  I like who I am and wake up every morning looking forward to working with my clients.1043964_10201469838176661_48724744_n

I had toyed with the idea of using my savings to buy a round the world ticket and travel, when a random internet search revealed pet-sitting sites and there was my solution!  Pet loving owners around the world need someone to care for their pets in their own homes from a few days to months on end.  I’ve started to do this in the UK around my on-site client commitments, but am looking forward to travelling further afield, meeting some fantastic people and exploring the area where they live.

Even if money was no object, I can never imagine not working and in that instance would most probably volunteer, but I’m happy with who I am and where my life and ambition is leading me – what about you?


Comments on: "30 day Blog Challenge #Day2" (5)

  1. Great post, Nancy! love your idea of pet sitting around the world while you develop your virtual PA business. Isn’t this 30 Day Blog Challenge great for getting us all to organise our thoughts and leap into action?

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I agree, Natalie’s prompts to blog give us the motivation to write without scratching our heads trying to think of a subject. Hopefully at the end of the month blogging will be second nature – what do you think?

      • I couldn’t agree more! It’s really making me think and take action. I can get quite lazy about blogging,as too many other things crowd into my life. This challenge has given me focus.

    • How are you keeping up with a blog each day Elizabeth? I’m a day behind again as a personal matter took priority yesterday! Next weekend I’m away camping here and didn’t have a mobile signal at all when I was there last year, never mind charging my power hungry smart phone. I must admit, it was great to be away from my phone and emails for three days though. We can’t schedule in advance as we don’t know what Natalie will be setting, I’ll just have to work on the challenge for the day that I get back 🙂

      • It’s been fine for me keeping up with the blogging challenge so far, as I am staying with my daughter in Italy. Tomorrow will be a challenge, as we fly back to Istanbul. However, Natalie has said we can combine 2 or 3 days into one if we are having time constraints. So, don’t worry, just blog when you can. I do hope you can keep going!

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