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I guess that  I earn a living whilst being location independent as I can work anywhere with a decent wifi and mobile signal.  This morning after a breakfast meeting, I chose to stay in the hotel and work rather than coming straight home.  It was certainly much more interesting as I found myself in the midst of wedding preparations as chairs were set out, tables decorated and guests arrived.  It’s my choice where I settle myself with my laptop and my clients don’t need know where I am so long as I answer emails and phone calls and their work is done, although it may be different if I was in a completely different time zone.

But I also believe that location independent is a mindset, it’s feeling comfortable, contented and in control no-matter where you are.  Some people don’t like a change to their routine as it reduces their confidence and they function less well whilst others find a change of scenery improves their creativity.  It’s also about grasping every new opportunity and being prepared to change plans unexpectedly – some of my best days and most memorable experiences have been when I’ve changed my mind on a sudden whim.back-23788_150

What about being so location independent that you have no fixed abode?  Although I don’t have a house full of expensive furniture and the latest gadgets because they don’t particularly matter to me, I’m not sure how I’d feel not having a home to come back to.  It would certainly be an interesting test to see exactly how much I’d actually need to not only survive, but to be contented enough with.

Perhaps time to make a list – mobile, laptop, lip salve, sun block, Kindle …….

Comments on: "30 Day Blog Challenge #Day4" (2)

  1. I don’t think being location independent means that you can’t have a home to come back to. Like you said in your first paragraph, it’s about” being able to work anywhere with a decent wifi and mobile signal”.

    So jealous that you can already do that! I hope to get there one day. 🙂

    • I love your ideal day Austin and if you keep focussed on that goal, I’m sure you’ll get there one day 🙂 I did think working virtually would mean lazing about doing my own thing in the day and working out-of-hours. However, I’ve discovered that I need to keep office hours to complete most client work, but it’s great that my office can be where I choose. During the recent hot sunny weather here in the UK, that was under the parasol in my back garden – perfect.

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