My journal and my life


Hello & welcome to my blog.

As you may have gathered, I’m Nancy Benn, a 40 something mother of two, married twice but currently not living with my second husband.  Working hard to earn a reasonable standard of living, I’m a part-time employed PA and full-time self-employed Virtual Assistant with my own business Direct PA Services.

I have a business website with blog, but often want to write about my personal life and experiences which doesn’t really fit with Nancy, the Virtual Assistant and business-woman.  In my professional life, I’m smart, organised and by all accounts, a real asset to my clients.  In my personal life, like many women, I rush around, forgetting things, sometimes feeling as though I’m barely coping with everything that needs to be done, wishing that I could shed a few pounds to improve my confidence.

My two children are in their early 20s and I’m so proud of them as they work so very hard to live independently with their partners.  When my marriage failed, with no husband and children depending upon me, I should have been free, but after so long providing for others, this was a challenge I found incredibly difficult.  Much soul searching later, I realise that I need to be needed!  Being there for my kids and being a part of their lives makes me happy, so there was no moving away or travelling the world.  Family ties and events, together with two shared dogs meant that I also maintained contact with my estranged husband.  Now he has a new business of his own facilitating drum circles, we’re linked through business meetings and I’m working with him to promote Rebeat whenever I can.  We still love each other and whilst his severe depression was one of the factors in our marriage break-up, we’re now in a relationship, but still living in separate homes.

The inspiration for this blog was after reading an article in a magazine about a woman who took a photo each day and posted it on her blog.  I thought this was a fabulous idea as often see sights and sounds, especially whilst walking my dog, and would just love to share them.  Although I’m a private person and have found it difficult to promote myself and my business, I feel that this blog will be an on-line journal for myself.  However, do please feel free to connect with me here, or on any of the other social media platforms, as I share a little of my life as it is now.

There is a dedicated website and community for sharing one photo per day at the 365 Project  However, this does seem to be focused upon taking good photos and as mine will most probably be mediocre snaps from my mobile phone, it’s not the arena for me, just yet…..

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