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Post #14 More Snow

This photo answers my on the previous post. After it snowed yesterday morning then brightened up to become a lovely sunny day, I wondered if the forecast was correct by threatening snow in the evening.  Then I woke up to this:

2013-01-14 05.53.44

A good couple of inches on the cars & side roads, but clear on the main routes.  Unfortunately it was still dark when I set off, but I could see the trees & hedgerows, covered in snow, ghostly white in the gloom.  It wasn’t snowing & I did wish that I was able to walk the dog through the crisp white woods instead of going into work.

By lunchtime it was snowing again, big heavy flakes & none of us could concentrate, wondering whether we’d have to leave early to avoid traffic problems.  But, this is England & two hours later, everything was dripping & melting with the sun bright in a clear blue sky.  There would be nothing left by the time children came home from school.

It’s freezing outside tonight, dangerous for driving & I’ve finally closed the bedroom window.  I don’t like to be cold, but when I’m toasty warm under the duvet, love to breathe fresh air & have the window open a crack.  My husband thinks this is extravagant, with gas prices so high, letting out all the heat that’s been paid for.  So I admit it’s my little luxury, but then I can remember the ice on the inside of my bedroom window as a child in a house with no central heating, the only heat a stone hot water bottle at my feet!

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