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Blog #7 Home Made Gift

This is a present from my daughter.

Labrador mug

A University graduate with a first in Journalism, she’s working in a pub! Considered under-experienced to be accepted for a job using her
education & degree but over-qualified for a role in an office or similar.  But then that’s a subject for a blog all of its own.

Anyway, working for minimum wage, she’s rarely even given full-time hours so she didn’t have a great deal of cash to spend on presents this Christmas.  But, ever resourceful & practical (just like her mum, of course), she decided all her family & friends would be given a home made present.

Take one plain white porcelain mug, paint it with blackboard paint & give together with chalks 🙂  All the silhouette images painted on the mugs were tailored to match her friends’ personalities – mine is a black labrador of course & here I’ve used my coloured chalks to decorate it.

Isn’t this a great idea?  Sarah may not have had the money to spend, but she’s willingly spent time researching & looking for something to
create, then sourcing all the items required to complete the gift.  I’m so proud that I’ve raised such a thoughtful & caring daughter & of
course, we all love our presents far more than it they had been merely bought at any cost. She gave a chess set to her boyfriend lovingly
constructed from Lego with Lord of the Ring characters facing the cast of Harry Potter.  It’s just a little confusing to play without a crib
sheet to remind them which character is standing in for each chess piece.

Love you Sarah XX

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