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Post #25 Snow Dogs

Dogs love snow, it sends them whappy!  Whilst it’s difficult for us to trudge through the drifts, the dogs chase snowballs & each other.

Snow Dogs

There’s always hares on the field where we walk, but they usually ‘hare’ off & are quickly camouflaged.  The dogs half-heartedly run after & then give up.  Today I could see many against the snow at the opposite side of the field which was criss-crossed by their distinctive tracks.  The dogs were snuffling in the scrapes where the hares had rested, revealing the ground underneath.

2013-01-25 08.19.41

After an exhilarating walk, I had a good day, dipping in & out of two or three clients’ work all day, plenty to keep me busy working from home. It’s Friday with more snow forecast & as I write this, it’s already more than an inch deep – more fun for the dogs 🙂

Post #16 Before & After

Look at Max!  Here’s before & after pictures:


2013-01-13 12.56.58

I’ve had pets & dogs since childhood & more recently, well for nigh-on the last 30 years, they’ve been Labradors.  Notorious for shedding their short hair, in fact my ex-husband mentioned that when our golden lab Amber moved forward quickly, she left an outline in discarded fur behind her!  It gets everywhere & no matter how clean the kitchen is kept, someone still usually ends up pulling a dog hair from their food – should I have really mentioned that!?

Then came along Max, a six month old Cocker Spaniel needing a home.  A beautiful blue roan with a placid temperament, we just had to rescue him.  He moults too, but we hadn’t realised that this didn’t stop his fur from growing!  Like human hair, his fur grows longer very quickly with big tufts on his paws & curls on his forehead almost needing a bow to keep it from flopping in his eyes 🙂

Very soon he became shaggy which took an age to dry off when he came back from a walk in the wet, which is most days here in the UK.  Surprisingly he also has two types of fur which grow at different speeds.  The white is coarse, straighter & longer, whilst the black is soft & downy, absorbing water like cotton wool – impossible to dry completely & remaining damp for ages.  It’s a real wonder that he doesn’t get a headache from the weight of his ears & as these tend to dangle in whatever he eats & drinks, dreadlocks soon form.  He makes us laugh, turning his head to try & obtain the food he can obviously smell on the ends of his ears – time to get the wet wipes out.

My husband Rob thinks he has more character when he’s shaggy & that’s why he doesn’t go to be clipped as often as he aught, but I love him when he’s a short & smart boy.

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