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Post #15 Three Favourite Films

My DVDs have arrived ūüôā ¬†I spent some of my birthday present money on some favourite films, but don’t you just hate the cellophane wrapping that’s impossible to remove with a sharp implement?

Three Favourite DVDs

These are all British comedies, well yes there are some very funny scenes, but they are dramas & tear jerkers too, or perhaps that’s just¬†me. ¬†They are like comfort blankets, to be watched when I really need to chill & relax with something non-threatening & familiar. ¬†All three films have a similar subject, all based in Northern England towards the end of the last century (& I’m talking about 2000)¬†when industry was in decline & unemployment high.

Speaking of unemployment, it’s a sad day today as music retailer HMV have called in the receivers after trading for nearly 92 years placing¬†more than 4,000 jobs at risk. ¬†Everyone is shocked by this, especially people of my age or older as we all went to HMV for our vinyll¬†records, casette tapes & then videos. ¬†However price wins out & consumers have turned to the internet for better prices & convenience – I’m¬†guilty, as these three DVDs were all bought from Amazon.

Brassed Off is set in a small mining town nearly 10 years after the miners strike when more & more collieries were closing. ¬†Due to miners¬†losing their jobs with little chance of finding other employment, the lack of disposable income forced other shops & businesses in the town¬†to close. ¬†The colliery brass band continued, but for how long? ¬†This film was actually released before The Full Monty, but wasn’t any where¬†near as successful, but it’s incredibly well made with some outstanding performances & you don’t need to like brass band music to enjoy it.

The Full Monty is based in Sheffield, city of steel, when the steel works were closing down. ¬†Again, there’s high unemployment & no jobs. ¬†Inspired by the male Chippendale Dancers, a desperate unemployed steel-worker tries to persuade some of his butch pals to form their own¬†striptease act. ¬†This film is funny & has a great soundtrack – no-one who’s seen it can listen to Hot Chocolate’s ‘You Sexy Thing’ without¬†dancing ever again!

For Billy Elliot, we return to a mining community in County Durham, this time during the miners strike of 1984. ¬†Billy’s mum is dead & he¬†lives with his senile grandmother, father & elder brother who are both tough miners. ¬†One day during his boxing class, Billy is¬†fascinated by the girls ballet class next door…. With an excellent soundtrack, this film is unforgettable.

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