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Blog #8 Dangerous Soup

I’ve always been clumsy & as a child can remember my dad always joking that I should never, ever get a job in a dynamite factory!  So I didn’t, but I’m still accident prone & today I burnt myself cooking.  I was preparing Leek & Potato soup – perhaps should’ve included a photo of the soup too – it was really tasty.  Anyway, I splashed my hand with hot oil & immediately reached for this:

2013-01-08 15.08.01

The Aloe Vera plant that I have on my kitchen window sill. Aloe is absolutely brilliant for burns as it cools immediately & quickly promotes healing.  Administering it is easy, just break off a juicy leaf, split it & use the concentrated gel, pure & straight from the plant is much better than the creams & lotions now available. It’s also an excellent remedy for sun burn.

The plants are very easy to grow – as you can see from the picture, there are many off-shoots growing in the pot, all which will have their own root tendrils, so just carefully split apart & plant!  I’ve found that they don’t like direct sunlight & live quite happily on a north facing sill.  Water well, but then leave to completely dry out in-between – simple 🙂

I’m a fan of herbs & natural remedies & would also recommend pure Lavender essential oil for burns which is gentle enough to be applied neat.  I make up my own after-sun cream using unperfumed, lanolin free base lotion & add Peppermint oil to cool (& you can really feel it taking the heat out of hot, burnt skin) with Lavender to encourage cell re-generation & healing.

Ahh, there’s a dream,  hot sun……  Roll-on summer.

Blog #3 The Dentist’s Chair

I had my annual dental check-up today & here’s the proof!

Dental Records

Now this print-out doesn’t mean a great deal to me, but for other reasons, I do appreciate being given the information.  Living in the UK with it’s Welfare State, I shouldn’t have to worry about receiving dental treatment, but I don’t actually qualify for free dental care & would have to pay for examinations under the NHS.  That’s if I was registered at an NHS surgery.  In certain areas, new patients have difficulty receiving a service as there’s nowhere near enough NHS dentists working – it’s just not lucrative enough.  But as a responsible sort of person, keen to ‘look after me teeth‘ (Pam Ayres), I’ve kept up-to-date with my appointments for years & have therefore not dropped off the list of my NHS surgery for not attending.  However they didn’t make it easy to remember when check-ups were due as no reminders were sent out & after 18 months without an appointment, patients’ records would be closed.

Then a couple of years ago, a work colleague left to manage a private surgery for her dentist who was setting up himself in our area.  As
this was someone terrified of dentists & who would willingly drive more than 50 miles for treatment, I figured there was something special
about dentist David, so I decided to make an appointment for a private check-up.

The difference was immediate as soon as I stepped into the smart, clean & bright reception area, was politely welcomed & offered a cup of coffee!  I was a customer & treated as such.  I felt special, important & cared for.  I’m not afraid of dentists despite having experienced pain during recent treatment at my old surgery, but with this kind of welcome, anyone who was nervous would surely feel reassured.  David himself stepped out to greet me & directed me to the dental couch with the softest green leather, a far cry from the last dentist chair I experienced which was patched up with silver duct-tape! During the examination David had the most wonderful gentle & soft hands – no rough poking & stretching my mouth here – total bliss.  He also kept stopping to ensure I was OK, giving me the opportunity to relax my jaw & avoiding the discomfort of trying to maintain a continuous drooling wide open mouth. Each step was explained to me, the ex-ray machine was brought to my side with the photos displayed on a monitor in front of me moments later & I was given the print-out for my records as I left.

As mentioned, I would have to pay for any NHS examinations & treatment, but for a private service I pay a monthly premium which covers the cost of an annual examination & ex-rays if necessary, but further treatment would be extra.  In my opinion it’s worth it, for the moderate additional cost, it’s certainly worth being treated as a valued customer in pleasant surroundings with consideration & gentle hands.  I was handed a small silver envelope as I left with a discreet label stating that the biggest compliment I could give would be to recommend Shine Dental Care, & I do, for all the reasons given above 🙂

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