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Blog #5 Tilting at Windmills

Love them or hate them, wind turbines are becoming a feature of modern day life.  I happen to love them & these five are in fields close to my husband’s house where I walk the dogs – look carefully in the foreground & you’ll see black lab Hayley rolling in something disgusting & smelly.

Wind Turbines, Mansfield

When they were first installed (& I was disappointed not to have been there to see the sails lifted into place) I was intrigued how noisy they would be.  However, there’s a busy road running past & no matter how many times I walked by to listen, the sound of passing traffic was prominent.  The best I’ve heard is a low swooshing sound, not at all invasive, so why do so many people object to having these elegant structures built close to their homes?

In the small farming village where I grew up from the age of eight, there’s a big protest with posters & signs in the locals’ windows & gardens at a proposed wind farm.  Too be honest, I can’t see the problem & have been slightly tempted to pop along to meetings & voice my support, but it’s not really anything to do with me.

I think the turbines are much less invasive on the countryside than traditional coal power stations, but with my fascination of industry past & present, I’m also impressed by the massive cooling towers.  Perhaps the problem is pure ignorance & not recognising that modern windmills are far sleeker, quieter & more efficient than the early models.  Not far from my home village, district planners should soon be making a decision about a wind farm proposed to be a Community Interest Company with any profits to be ploughed back into the local community, an anticipated £750,000 per year.   With the loss of industry in this former mining area, high unemployment & government funding cuts to essential services, how can they not approve?  Watch this space.

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