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Post #21 12 Lessons

Social Media is wonderful.  It certainly opens up a whole wide new world that would otherwise remain undiscovered.  Through a friends post on Facebook, I came across a book from a new writer, immediately downloaded it to my Kindle & began reading.  I knew from the blurb that the plot was about a woman who reluctantly attended a psychic reading which revealed much more about her life than she anticipated.  The readings – 12 lessons – help Stephanie learn more about herself, help her cope with the changes in her life to then rebuild it & evolve through to a much richer existence.

12 Lessons

Bought on impulse, I hadn’t realised that it was a story woven around the Law of Attraction.  Not that I minded at all, as it was an easy read & actually helped me understand the principles much better.  I was also prompted to download & watch The Secret for the first time.

Since I’ve been in business for myself, I’ve accessed coaching & training which has encouraged my curiosity & opened up a whole wealth of knowledge & information.  I’m aware of visualisation & affirmations, but haven’t really put any energy into the exercises.  This blog is the first goal I began at the beginning of 2013 & I have others written down, both for this year & long-term.  As I’m open to new opportunities & experiences, it’s not surprising that I found this book at this time in my life & that my life is good 🙂

12 Lessons is written by Kate Spencer, the Life and Soul Coach, who began writing from her kitchen table hoping to create inspiring, empowering & entertaining material for women all over the world.

Post #11 It’s Friday!

6pm Friday night & it’s been a good week.  Work from clients has been steady with no stressful deadlines or any crisis so I’ve been able to spread the tasks & take a break to walk the dogs whilst still daylight.  I can relax & just look – an empty house – I’m chilling already 🙂


It’s been lovely to spend some time with my husband & both dogs this last few days, but he doesn’t live with me & has taken Max & Hayley back to his house when I left for work this morning.  So as I now live alone for the first time, I’ve been able to step through my front door this evening with no demands waiting on my time or energy.

I thought I may have been afraid – you know, switching on all the lights, not daring to enter a room in the dark, cautious of unexpected noises, but no. From the moment I viewed the house it felt right, comfortable & my home.

I love being here.  I’d decided where I wanted to live, the area, even the street, based on practical considerations such as rental cost, access to public transport, proximity to family, view & options for good dog walks.  This was two years after my husband moved out, when we sold the family home & I moved in with my son & his fiance.  That was hard, although Rob & I had struggled to live together, I missed him, missed the close contact & having someone to hug & hug me.  My confidence was low & I was scared of the change.

Living with my son was difficult at times as the dynamics had changed.  Instead of me being able to decide decor, room layout & what to watch on TV etc, he owned the house & it was his choice.  I sat & cried the day we moved in.  Instead of feeling liberated & free with so few responsibilities, I couldn’t cope with the loss of control.  I was adrift & had no motivation.  It was a very low time & at that point I would’ve struggled to live alone as I’d never been on my own, but two years later, I was ready.

I set up viewings of three houses on my chosen street & this was the one I just knew was right – my gut told me so & it’s great when I come home, there’s no dirty dishes or an empty fridge & I can relax without interruption.

Blog #6 Happy Birthday

Well today’s post couldn’t be about anything else really as it’s my birthday 🙂


It’s not a milestone this year, but I’m not far off celebrating the big 50!  I don’t feel my age at all, not mentally anyway – I know more
than I ever have & I’m still learning, especially keeping up-to-date with technology & social media.  I’m big on self-development which is a
result of being in business for myself as I believe if I was still an employee, I doubt I’d have had the same opportunities to meet so many
fabulous people at networking meetings etc. & I wouldn’t have the same need for email marketing, to tweet or blog.

In my mind I’m still 29, an age when I was happy with my life, my decisions & super-confident in myself.   I cannot remember really thinking before then either, whereas now I tend to over-think the consequences of everything & agonise about every  decision, but that still doesn’t stop me making mistakes either! However, I live with them – they’ve made me who I am, I’ve learned from them & I refuse to dwell on the ‘what ifs’, ‘if onlys’, ‘should have’ or ‘shouldn’t haves’!

There’s lots need doing & many things I still want to do with my life, so before long, I’ll be making a list of what I’d like to achieve
this year.  I fell in love with these colourful workbooks from Leonie Dawson & have made a start on creating my incredible life & business.

The Christmas decorations & cards have now been taken down freeing-up room for my Birthday cards & I’ve spoken to lots of my family &
friends today whilst this evening my son & his wife are coming to visit after they both finish work & I’ve promised to cook my favourite
lasagne. It’s been a good birthday 🙂

Blog #2 A Cry for Help

First day back at work since before Christmas, so back into the routine of walking my black labrador in the pre-dawn dark before setting
off.  Half-way through the day, after I’d already had my lunch & my son called.  I do love to hear from him, even though it’s because he
usually needs something – even at 25 years old!

Now this is often a source of irritation to my husband & mum as they think he’s old enough to stand on his own two feet, especially now he’s married – surely he should be phoning his wife?  But for 25 years I’ve always been there to offer advice, listen to his rants, sooth his troubles etc & to be honest I’m honoured that he’s not too proud to ask for my help.  There’s been occasions when I could have saved him money & heartache, if only he asked first.  It’s a big learning curve being an adult & as his wife is only a year or two younger, she’s still finding out about the responsibilities of being a grown-up herself.  One time Ant even informed me that his dad had given him exactly the same advice as I’d offered – as we divorced when he was 5 years old, it’s only taken 20 years for us to agree on something!

Back to today’s photo

New LG PC Monitor

This isn’t my computer monitor, it was the reason for my son’s call.  Christmas present money burning a hole in his pocket, he’d found a sale bargain, but with two Argos stores in his home town, neither had his preferred choice in stock.  However, it just so happened that I was working 15 miles away in Chesterfield & the store there had just one remaining.  Now Ant did offer to drive across to purchase it himself, but as I was already in the town….

Of course I volunteered to pop out & collect it – wouldn’t you?  Then I also took it to him after work & had a lovely evening in their home
after watching his pleasure & excitement opening & setting it up.  Isn’t that what life is all about?  I get such a sense of satisfaction
helping others (which is why I enjoy working as a PA) & especially looking after my loved ones, even if it disrupts my plans sometimes.
Tonight I’m writing this in good company & having a laugh, rather than sat alone & I even had tea cooked for me – love you Ant 🙂

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