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Blog #9 Parking Ticket

I got a parking ticket! Last night I came out of a great Yes! Group meeting to this:

Parking Ticket

It’s totally my own fault, I was aware that it was a metered area when I parked, but it was dark & pouring with rain as I dashed across to check the times on the meter.  My eyes are getting worse, I’m long sighted so only need glasses for reading & close work which means they were in my bag.  Too idle to faff about in the rain, looking for the case & taking them out etc, I peered at the notice & was sure it stated 8am – 6pm.  Wrong! I should have known it was more likely to be 8pm & for the sake of £1 or £2, should have paid to be on the safe side.

Anyway, after hearing a couple of fabulous speakers in the meeting, I was buzzing with positive thoughts & ‘chose’ not to let this bother me.  I hadn’t been caught speeding, fined with points on my licence, no-one was in danger or hurt.  I’m fortunate enough to have a car & be able to afford to run it & wasn’t stood in the rain waiting for public transport, & of course, the local council needs the income, don’t they?

Now my son had reason to feel angry when he received a ticket. He lives close to the town centre & has to purchase a permit each year.  Applying for his new car, he was issued with a 15 day temporary pass whilst the council received his registration documents & proof of insurance.  Just one day after the temporary permit expired, he received a parking ticket.  The warden had obviously noted the expiry date & deliberately come back. I feel that this was highly unfair as it’s obvious he lives local, had paid for a pass & wasn’t just parking up to avoid paying in the town centre.  He contested the decision, but unsurprisingly it wasn’t upheld. Poor lad, he can only afford a house in a cheap area of town with no garage & then has to pay for the privilege of parking outside on the street.

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