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Post #13 First Snow

First snow of the year, just a dusting but local children managed to find enough for a small snowman & luckily it’s a Sunday so they can play before it all melts away.

2013-01-13 13.21.45

The snow was forecast for this evening so I’m not sure whether it’s arrived early or if there’s more to come.  As you can see, it’s now a lovely bright & clear day, but our weather can change very quickly.  The UK doesn’t really cope very well with snow either, so hopefully it won’t fall tonight or it will cause chaos for commuters heading off to work tomorrow morning.

Other countries well used to winters of constantly below zero temperatures & heavy snowfall are well prepared & continue on.  Britain shudders to a halt with slow moving traffic & jams at the slightest fall.  School boilers fail & to their delight, children are sent home.  Many homes find themselves without electricity & quite often water for days on end.  It’s a shock to see how quickly supermarket shelves empty of staple foods when deliveries cannot get through.

In recent years snow storms are infrequent with perhaps only one bad fall each winter, if that & with the dull, damp summers we have these days, it seems that the freezing snowy winters & long hot summers I remember from my childhood are long gone.  Such a shame in my opinion, as I much preferred the sharp contrast of seasons & extremes of weather.  Instead we dress for winter & shed layers of clothing as it turns mild & freeze at summer bar-b-ques when the temperature suddenly plummets.

If you want to instigate a conversation in the UK with anyone, just mention the weather……

2013-01-13 13.06.22

2013-01-13 13.00.20

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