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Post #22 Gratitude Stone

Prompted by a book I read over the weekend (see post 21), I watched The Secret for the first time yesterday & had a moment of clarity when the gratitude stone was mentioned!  Something which I’d not thought about in a long time, but which I’ve carried in my handbag for years – my own favourite stone.  This is a gorgeous polished & smooth piece of Snowflake Obsidian, bought because it immediately felt right, that it was mine.

2013-01-21 08.35.31

Nearly 10 years ago I had attended a Mind & Spirit event at the local town hall with a spiritual friend of mine, more in support of her, than of any interest myself.  I’ve always been open minded & found everything fascinating & even had my first Reiki session there.  I can honestly say I’ve never felt so relaxed & at peace during my treatment as the noisy hall, busy with visitors just faded into the background.  It was definitely an enlightening &  memorable experience.

Whilst browsing the stalls, I was drawn to the polished gem stones as I love tactile, smooth objects.  I remember that each stone had a meaning, but chose this one because it just felt right for me.  It rests perfectly in my hand, on my first two fingers with a soft curve just perfect for running the ball of my thumb up & down.

Apparently Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity, it will calm & soothe, balance mind, body & spirit.  It teaches the value of mistakes as well as successes & helps to recognise stressful mental patterns.  That’s all good as it’s now my gratitude stone & never far from my hand.

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Post #21 12 Lessons

Social Media is wonderful.  It certainly opens up a whole wide new world that would otherwise remain undiscovered.  Through a friends post on Facebook, I came across a book from a new writer, immediately downloaded it to my Kindle & began reading.  I knew from the blurb that the plot was about a woman who reluctantly attended a psychic reading which revealed much more about her life than she anticipated.  The readings – 12 lessons – help Stephanie learn more about herself, help her cope with the changes in her life to then rebuild it & evolve through to a much richer existence.

12 Lessons

Bought on impulse, I hadn’t realised that it was a story woven around the Law of Attraction.  Not that I minded at all, as it was an easy read & actually helped me understand the principles much better.  I was also prompted to download & watch The Secret for the first time.

Since I’ve been in business for myself, I’ve accessed coaching & training which has encouraged my curiosity & opened up a whole wealth of knowledge & information.  I’m aware of visualisation & affirmations, but haven’t really put any energy into the exercises.  This blog is the first goal I began at the beginning of 2013 & I have others written down, both for this year & long-term.  As I’m open to new opportunities & experiences, it’s not surprising that I found this book at this time in my life & that my life is good 🙂

12 Lessons is written by Kate Spencer, the Life and Soul Coach, who began writing from her kitchen table hoping to create inspiring, empowering & entertaining material for women all over the world.

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